martedì 9 aprile 2013

Once you are in Assisi, it is easy to find Piazza Comune, the social center of the city, with the fountain on one end, the Tourist Information office on the other, and in the center the facade of the Roman Temple of Minerva.

 From the piazza, you have a short, easy downhill stroll to La Fontanella and an unforgettable meal.

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  1. I found La Fontanella to be a delightful little cafe-restaurant hidden within the old medieval streets of Assisi. It has both an indoor and an outdoor sitting area amongst some gorgeous plantation; trees, flowers, lush grass and singing birds, overlooking the valley of Spoleto and full of serenity.

    And the food is all freshly made and full of great aromas.
    I would heartily recommend this place to anyone who visits Assisi !


  2. grazie Leba, ti aspetto presto per fare due chiacchiere!!!!!!! Franca